System Features of EDWinXP


System Features of EDWinXP

Look and feel of Windows
Windows-like working environment (supporting Cut, Copy, Paste and Select all with Windows standard shortcuts)
Integrated UNDO/ REDO functions
Easier editing of objects, with bullets (small filled rectangles attached to certain strategic points on an object).
Online Editing of selected objects (on double click) using Property windows.
Maximum number of nodes, nets, bend points, connections - unlimited (depends on system configuration)
Panning the current cursor position using Mouse middle button, Shift + right button as well asSpace bar
Object orientedTool menu obtained on right click.
New shortcut keys for easier and quicker access to frequently used operations.

Different types of interactive Viewers like SchematicViewer,LayoutViewer,SymbolViewer,PackageViewer, Padstack Viewer

Editable Advanced Project Properties
Options - Special module  for  user to customize settings
EDSPice Symbol Editor - Individual module for attaching subcircuits
Subcircuits Adaptor - Converts the manufacturer given subcircuits to EDSpice format
Model Parameter Editor - Creates and manages the model libraries
Conversion Manager - Makes it possible for EDWinXP to work with 16-bit databases and libraries
Revised structure of Hierarchical Circuits -   More advanced usage would be instances when the user wishes to accommodate within one project (database) the information about the circuitry for an electronic equipment consisting of several PCBs.
Compact Project Library -  Option to delete all unused Parts , Symbol, Packages
Zoom Up and Zoom Down on single shortcuts (+ & -)
Three different types of Grids.
Auto calibrating Ruler for better speedy measurement ( in both mil and mm) on zoom up and zoom down.
Dockable Tool bars
True Type Fonts are supported in Schematic Editor
JEDEC and IPC standard layouts


Schematic Editor - Comprehensive electronic design environment with  powerful features including autoplacing and autorouting.
Layout Editor - Module for Advanced PCB design with inbuilt Autorouter and having interface to powerful autorouters like Specctra and Maxroute.
Fabrication Manager - Converting design data (layout) into manufacturing and validation outputs
  Library Explorer - Easy to use like Windows Explorer with standard Windows editing features like Cut,  Copy,Paste, Send to, Drag Drop and Select all.
  Library BrowserObject oriented user defined search for  library elements (Parts/ Symbols/ Packages/ Padstack) from the libraries.Browser appends to the search list according to user preference.
Library editor- Segregated into Part Editor and Padstack Editor.  
Part & Padstack Editor - Editing and Creation of Parts, Special Parts and editing of Padstacks in two independent  modules
  Field Editor  -   Special module for editing parameters of selected Parts.Creates fields for new Parts and maintains existing  libraries with all new fields in EDWinXP
List of Materials Editor - Creates List of materials (bill of materials) containing all components in the current   project.
Mixed Mode Simulator - EDWin's simulator with Mixed Mode simulation capabilities.   Feature to simulate multiple circuits (heirarchies)Three new analyses in Mixed mode simulator that assist end users to design the circuit precisely.   Monte Carlo analysis - to calculate component parameter values for a given output at a given instant of time.   Sensitivity analysis points out the most sensitive component to a particular parameter such as voltage, current, etc.    Fourier Analysis - to calculate the total harmonic distortion of analog waveforms generated on conducting transient analysis.  Provision to run all the simulation tests one after another.
EDSpice Simulator - A plug-in Simulator based on SPICE 3F5 and XSPICE with a number of extensions and improvements.  Edspice is now much faster .Provision to run all the simulation tests one after another.
Thermal Analyzer - Application that finds hotspots and  analyzes the effects of temperature parameters in the functioning of the circuit. Details of thermal parameters are given while creation using Part or Field Editor.
Electromagnetic Analyser - Predicts the intensity of electromagnetic field generated by the working circuit on the PCB.
Field Analyser - A tool for studying the electromagnetic fields that are created when power and/or signal traces on a card are energized.
Print manager - An integrated module for printing various files generated from different modules in EDWin under one roof.
Waveform Viewer - Generates graphical results  for Mixed Mode Simulator, EDSpice Simulator and Signal Integrity Simulation. The wavefom  represents the data generated by simulators to present the simulation results in a graphical format. The graphical format may be displayed on the screen, output to a printer or saved as a part to place it on the actual schematic drawing.
Schematic Editor
Block Diagram Elements
Component Specific MM Simulator Models
Truth Table to diagram converter
VHDL Code to diagram converter
Direct assignment of logic function to schematic components
Instant probes
8051 Microcontroller Kit
PIC Microcontroller Kit
Vertically or horizontally oriented net/bus page link notes.
Filter Designer
Instant Packaging
Component Browser
Truth Table Converter
VHDL Code Converter
Text Formatting
Import / Export Utilities
Component Browser
Fast Operation
New Libraries
Layout Editor
Component and Net Property
Component Browser
Multilayer copper pour connectivity check with 3D presentation included.
Improved presentation of copper pours.
Auto Connect Functions
View Holes
Ratsnest for unconnected node only
Online Trace clearance check
Copper pour connectivity test
Increased number of tools in automatic routing
Re-routing the traces in two modes
Improved visualization in node marker and pin entry marker size
Mixed Mode and EDSpice Simulator
Model Interface
Transient Analysis - Logic Analyzer
Multichannel display in Oscillograph
EDSpice Interactive Interpreter
Simulators (Mixed Mode and EDSpice Simulators) embedded in Schematic Editor
Circuit File Editor
Fabrication Manager
Improved multilayer copper pour connectivity check with 3D presentation
Polygonal copper relieve.
3D export in IDF format
Copper Removal Tools
Add Solder Paste/Glue Mask Items to pad stacks
Export Formats in common dialog in the fabrication manager
ODB++ Export
ODB++ Import
Improved Gerber Viewer Setup
Square Holes in the Gerber Artwork
Improved Reconstruction of projects
Enhanced Copper Removal
3D Graphics
Improved scrolling and navigating
Semi-transparent view of copper pour area and layout
Analog Model Type
Library Editor
Triangular Package and Padstack
Updates in Part Libraries
Symbol only parts
EDSPICE updates
Sub-circuit files.
Circuit files (SPICE netlist format)
Sample projects with new EDSPICE sub-circuits
Simulation Models
EDSPICE code models-18 new models
MM Simulator models-11 new models

Additional Features of  EDWin XP

Precision of 1 micron
Maximum of 100 Circuits (Hierarchy)
Upto 100 sheets of maximum size of  4x4 m2 in Schematic Editor
Maximum size of 4x4 m2 for PCB
Seamless integration between all  modules viz. Schematic Editor, Layout Design, Fabrication Manager and Simulation and Library Modules.
Complete back and front end annotation. This concept allows both parts of circuit design to be built simultaneously.
Complete end-to-end CAD/CAE system.
Mouse or keyboard command activation.
Real time display of ratsnest,active nodes,single line or true trace width.
Context sensitive online help
Automatic file backup
User definable text sizes
Metric and Imperial units
Copy screen and block to Clipboard features.
DXF Output and Board outline DXF import
Screen hardcopy 
Switching on/off facility for tools and scroll bars
Monochrome mode for better print resolution
Bitmap support for loading logos, documentation etc
ANSI or IEC Libraries for Symbols