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EDWinXP, the integrated solution in Electronics design world. Fast, Flexible,Ease of designing which takes a designer from Schematic to the fabrication within fraction of time with very less investment.
EDWinNET 1.0 Standard (Beta) Version Released !!!!
EDWinXP is an fully integrated EDA software package for automated design of electronic products. This integrated tool covers all stages of electronic design process -schematic capture, simulation, PCB layout design, generation of PCB manufacturing and testing documentation.
EDWinXP comprise of Schematic Editor, Simulators-Mixed Mode Simulator and EDSpice simulator, PCB Layout Editor-Create the PCB Layout,Fabrication Manager-generate manufacturing output files for Photoplotter, NC Drill etc.

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EDWinNET 1.0 Standard(Beta)Version
freeExperience the complete set of features of EDWinXP 1.95 during the 14 days evaluation period !!
AsPacker is a tool to explore and develop bare Die wirebond solutions for PCBs,MCMs,Hybrids and Packages.
freeExperience the features of EDWinNET 1.0 Standard(Beta)Version during the 14 days evaluation period !!

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